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Who we are

Our mission, our power, our serving of humanity

Soulutions is a virtual healing circle.

We are a fine force of highly intuitive women that support healing, evolvement, empowerment of the Soul.

We feel and take care of the wounds with the medicine of consciousness (mind and body), vibration (sound and voice), love and compassion.

You can meet here a new range of Coaches, spiritual Guides, Yoga teachers and spaceholders. 

A speciality of Soulutions is that we are mainly of African heritage, multicultural and multiracial, multilingual. We offer the healing wisdom of the black women, the feminine healers and the solidarity of the sisters.

Our story

We met through our interest in learning healing with energy, creativity and spirit. It took years until Bilonda invited other Coaches, healing guides to join Soulutions. Her vision was to offer a network of

Within Soulutions hosting space 

Within the Soulutions hosting space you can meet

Unsere Kunden

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