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About me


My destiny called me already at the age of 22 to return to my soul and to heal my life.

I am a soul that loves to support others to return to their Self. As a lifecoach, Yogateacher, Nature women, historian, flower person, earthlover that is in service to the higher spirit of love. I am here as energy to help to become whole. I talk with bodies and spirits. I use my creativity to rise the vibration or to change the energy. My profoundest skills are bodywork, healing consciousness, performance for a healthy living. I calibrate with you on my standard of mental and emotional health. I have a natural gift of introspekction and ear to listen to the body. 25 year of practice of meditation/contemplation, body - mind training, integration work and my call is to bring everyone who wants to peace and love.

Relationship to the body, the mind, the self, the life we are living, the culture, with other humans, with animals, with the earth, with spirits, with god. Relationships are the strings and connecting nets of life. Like in the own body the lifeforce can flow trough or has to stop. Finds its way or stops and becomes toxic, sick or anything else unhealthy. When we move we activate already the selfhealing ability. The body can digest, transform detox. That is true for physical but equally for emotional inputs. 

Being Afro - German that grew up in Austria, Vienna, I felt very disconnected in my life energy and so for my own path I began to search at the age of 22 on healing. I cut the strings to the consume orientated world and studied Psychology. I understood quickly that Psychology is full of concepts that will not teach me to meet people where I want to meet them. As they are. Still I learned useful things about the human nature as it is defined in psychology. Driven by a interest to understand more of being a life  I was guided me to dance.

Now or never! I started at the old age of 29/30 a contemporary dance education in Berlin. Although being in this big city I lived very solitude and introspective.By cultivating a spiritual practice and daily up to ten hours of dancing or moving I grew very body mind conscious. I studied contemporary dance, classical Ballett, Pilates, Hatha Yoga, Feldenkrais, Susan Klein technique, Butho, Contact improvisation, Capoeira with the help of my mind. I had great joy to develeop my own bodywork, visualisations and used fantasy within the spiritual principals to experience also the spiritual laws. Breathconsciousness became my speciality. I quickly found work as teacher and performer.

Finding finally my beloved person, my soul united with the "other principle". Together we were called to further tasks We left Berlin and became nature people, followers of ecological lifestile and reconnected deeper to the self, also in spirituality. The essence of a light being is a CLEAN healthy body, a CLEAN healthy mind, living in a CLEAN healthy nature in and from your heart.

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My mission: Freedom to Love

Zäsuren & Nexus

„Denn wer schwimmen will, muß zu den Flüssen gehen.“

—  Isaac Newton

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