About me


I am an artist, dancer, Yoga teacher, coach, nature women, historian, flower person, earthlover that is in service to the higher spirit of love. I am here as energy to help you heal. I talk with bodies and spirits. I use my creativity to rise the vibration or to change the energy. My profoundest skills are with bodywork and expression. I calibrate with you on my standard of mental and emotional health. I have a natural and 25 year of practice of meditation/contemplation, body - mind training, multiperspective seeing and my gaol is to bring life to peace and let the Prana flow organically.


Relationship to the body, the mind, the self, the life we are living, the culture, with other humans, with animals, with the earth, with spirits, with god. Relationships are the strings and connecting nets of life. Like in the own body the lifeforce can flow trough or has to stop. Finds its way or stops and becomes toxic, sick or anything else unhealthy. When we move we activate already the selfhealing ability. The body can digest, transform detox. That is true for physical but equally for emotional inputs. 

Being Afro - German that grew up in Austria, Vienna, I felt very disconnected in my life energy and so for my own path I began to search at the age of 27 on healing. After a career in advertising, I cut the strings to the consume orientated world and studied Psychology to understand that Psychology is full of theoretical constructs that explains how the human experiences and behaves. But I also did creative and practical studies on cultural psychology and learned a lot about the neuroscience, DNA and human development. Still, I wanted to understand more the mystery of development, creativity and more than anything else I wanted to experience the spirit love. My heart carried me to dance and I started at the old age of 29/30 a contemporary dance performer education in an artistic school in Berlin. Moving there from Vienna was catalyst for my development. I lived very withdrawn and cultivated a strong spiritual practice to clean my self from all previous mental and physical experiences. I build my own monastary in this  world capital city. I studied contemporary dance, classical Ballett, Pilates, Hatha Yoga, Feldenkrais, Susan Klein technique, Butho, Contact improvisation, Capoeira. My speciality was bodywork and breath. Doing creative, intuitive work with the body to enhance his dance performance. I quickly found work as a faciliator for movement and worked with many bodies since then. I look for essences and left Berlin after 8 years to travel in eco - and spiritual communities to collect finally the knowledge about plants, feminity, the moon, planting food, and I trained my skills in autonom sustainable living. So I do most of my food by myself. Connection begins with food and nature. Today, I am studying history and philosophy, I am a trained, certified and passionate Coach, Dance Artist and Yogateacher to help everybody who wants on the journey to happiness.

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Zäsuren & Nexus

„Denn wer schwimmen will, muß zu den Flüssen gehen.“

—  Isaac Newton