"Cause I am prince/ess of FLOWDOM"

...To effortless achievement...

... Being in the state of relaxed high performance ...

......To have a heightened state of consciousness ......


Flow is waking state. It is a mystical experience. Your attention is so focused. It is the moment when doing and being merges. Creativity and attention and action are optimally coordinated. The path becomes the goal and the goal seems to be controllable through the path. Action and life flow harmoniously into one another. Life composing through your consciousness. You can call it a natural ecstasy!

Flow state is known in the western world since 150 years.

We, the muses, know flow.

In flow one is

  • Flow is being attched to the flow but detached from results

  • Flow is a feeling of effortless doing

  • Flow teaches do less, achieve more

  • The activity is intrinsically rewarding

  • Flow surrenders ego to the action

  • A natural curiousity arises in doing. You stay easily on track.

  • You know what to do as if you are guided. 

  • There is immediate feedback of liberation

  • You feel connected to a higher purpose

  • It is a mystic experience

Catch the flow 

  • Listen to the body by meditation or contemplation

  • Listen with a sense of surrender to the answers that you might hear

  • Ask the body what s/he wants to feel

  • Let it sink and breathe

  • Don't allow the mind and to-do lists to take over. If it doesn't make sense....GREAT.

  • Then go to action and sense the flow coming. If you don't feel it challenge the situation mindfully. Try out new paths, materials, approaches, symbols....


Actual research ...Flowing together... More when ready to share...


Most people will have a natural attraction to an activity that gives them a flow feeling.

But we also see that the daily life has many distraction and interruptions through the digital communication: Emails and Whats App messages coming in, maxiumum availability with mobile phone and a good coverage of the www makes it harder to immerse in action.

 🧡 Yoga Asanas trains the mind to be an observer

 🧡 Yoga practice is without watch or music. There is only breath and the exercises and your mind in it.

 🧡 Yogaasanas teach you to concentrate on body and mind equally

 🧡 Yogapractice teaches on to balance action and flow and therefore improves the quality of a flow to a healthy flow.