The comfortable truth.

How uncomfortable moments unlock our lives.

I can see the life I want, out there, beyond the rows of barbed wire fence. I stand where I am, keeping myself busy, convinced that one day that life will be mine.

Weeks turn into years. I keep dreaming about the life I want, but still I don’t go near the barbed wire, convinced I can achieve my goal by some other means. Days are spent engaged in pursuits that I will eventually learn served no real purpose other than to avoid the truth. Life is exhausting and relentless. Days start with coffee and finish with wine.

I’m 40, and still it goes on. I look at the barbed wire more now. On occasion I have even grabbed it; but there is so much of it, I lost heart. At least it is comfortable here, and hey maybe I am on the right track, maybe I just need to try harder.