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Female Selflove CREATIVE MIND Coaching

Your life is as beautiful as you feel worthy

  • Dana/125,00/140,00
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There is no value more important than your own. Life is as good as the foundation we build it on. If you suffer from low self-esteem, this will be reflected to you on the outside. When you have too much self-esteem, you hide feelings from yourself. When you have healthy self-esteem, your energy flows to and from others. You experience your community as enriching. We touch on self-worth through the body, your beliefs and as a collective. With words, sound and dance we will let the body talk. As a group, you experience the nurturing empowerment of other women, our bodies, and nature. Look forward to an intense, effective, magical experience. Three dates each 2 hours May 2022 - 7., 14., 21. Costs: Dana (pay what you can), Eur 125,00 Normal price, Eur 140,00 Sponsor Contact me for more information

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  • Location 1